Practice What You Preach

Naughty Nun

Naughty Nun

When I drive to the library each morning, I pass the hospital and see a conglomeration of healthcare workers polluting the air with cigarettes. Seeing this reminds me of what seeing a preacher attending a whorehouse would be like. Sort of a hypocritical thing to happen, don’t you think?

So, the Superbowl was yesterday and the chip and beer aisles at the store were vacant. Wives were vacuuming like crazy  trying to get the potato chip crumbs out of the carpet and blotting beer out of the couch. And I’d be willing to bet the office phone rang a bit with those too “sick” to come in after their turbulent day. Could you imagine what it would be like if this country went crazy like that about a golfing tournament or a curling match? Imagine polo shirts on sale with your favorite golfing athlete’s name on the left breast. Those funky hats with the straws poking out into beer cans lining the golfing green? This would definitely put a new spin on things, right? And just entertain your mind with the happenings of the curling event! Women don’t get obsessed with football the way men do. Some of them try, just so they can have something in common with their significant other. But that doesn’t mean the guy’s going to start watching Desperate Housewives. If he does already, he probably does the cooking too. Not that I wouldn’t want a guy that can cook!

Now I’m torn! Smoking isn’t my thing… but I wonder if they have this outfit in my size? (j/k)

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