God’s Goodness Shines

Preuss, A. Nov. 29, 2015, KABC, CNN

“Yeah, he called, but I’m not sure he’s my kind’a guy. You get what I –“

“Sh, did you hear that?” Jodi waves Rachel quiet with her finger in the air, cocking her head to one side and listening.

Rachel laughs. “You mean that cat in heat? I hear it alright.” Her brows furrow, hands on her hips. “And I wouldn’t want anyone getting into my business.”

“No, I think it’s a baby.”

“A baby?” Rachel asks, but Jodi has left the conversation. She’s got her fingers wrapped around the chain-link fence that lines both sides of the walkway where the two friends have been jogging just about every day for the past two years. This is the first time they’d stopped, other than for the occasional loose shoelace, and once Rachel got a fairly bad cramp.

It doesn’t take long for Rachel to join her friend and they both halt, listening.

Without another word, they fall to their knees at a pile of asphalt, stacked next to the fences foundation. Stacked loosely, the pieces are easily removed and they see a pink hospital blanket wrapped around a little body of a baby.

Gently removing the baby, whose eyes are barely open, Jodi holds the petite freezing body against her own for warmth.

The baby shushes, closing her eyes, and drifting to sleep. Her headful of thick dark curls framing her tiny facial features appear angelic against the thin receiving blanket cradling her small frame.

“Oh good Lord,” Rachel says, eyes wide in disbelief, “I wouldn’t have even stopped.”

Holding the newborn baby against her body, Jodi smiles. “God’s goodness shines on those deserving. This baby is special.” She bends her head to kiss the infant.

“Yes, yes she is, and so are you for being the person who stopped to listen.”

Based on a true CNN story.

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